Autumn spends lots of time at Dogsaplenty.

Marilyn brings Autumn and her pals to muddy streams…

…and then herds them all into the back of the dogmobile for the ride home.

4 Responses to “Autumn spends lots of time at Dogsaplenty.”

  1. Mamma Biscuit Says:

    Wow, look at this pow-wow LOL Autumn looks so adorable and slightly worried in both photos!! I honestly want to reach into my screen and smoosh Autumn and her snout!!! ;-)
    Mamma Biscuit

  2. Janet Says:

    Mamma should come up and spend some time with the gang… except I think she’s a bit too dainty for running through the mud. I know what pugs are like!

  3. Jordan Says:

    very cute! I wish I could run through the mud :)

  4. Janet Says:

    You can, Jordan!