2 Responses to “Tupperware”

  1. Ellen Elchlepp Says:

    I have a friend with a dog that has a thing for remotes. Finds them and chews them up like doggie chews. She can’t even leave a remote on a table or Jake will find it and eat it. Has gone through countless remotes. He’s also likes to eat wallets.

    By the way, all of my tupperware has teeth marks. Tupperware is my dogs’ favorite thing to chew. They 3 of them take turns licking and chewing it. They also like canned soup. Gnaw right through the can until they get it opened, spill it on the floor, and lick it all up.

    happy thanksgiving.

  2. Janet Says:

    Funny, Ellen. As Harvey says… why bother putting dog food in Autumn’s bowl? We should fill it with cell phones and tupperware.